Base Web supports English as the default language. Following the instructions below, you can use other languages too.

Internationalization example


The shape of the locale file

"accordion": {
"collapse": "Collapse",
"expand": "Expand"
"breadcrumbs": {
"ariaLabel": "Breadcrumbs navigation"
"datepicker": {
"ariaLabel": "Select a date",
"previousMonth": "Previous month",
"nextMonth": "Next month",
"pastWeek": "Past Week",
"pastMonth": "Past Month",
"pastThreeMonths": "Past 3 Months",
"pastSixMonths": "Past 6 Months",
"pastYear": "Past Year",
"pastTwoYears": "Past 2 Years",
"screenReaderMessageInput": "Press the down arrow key to interact with the calendar and select a date. Press the escape button to close the calendar.",
"quickSelectLabel": "Choose a date range",
"quickSelectAriaLabel": "Choose a date range",
"quickSelectPlaceholder": "None",
"timeSelectEndLabel": "End time",
"timeSelectStartLabel": "Start time",
"timePickerAriaLabel": "Select a time",
"timezonePickerAriaLabel": "Select a timezone",
"selectedStartDateLabel": "Selected start date.",
"selectedEndDateLabel": "Selected end date.",
"dateNotAvailableLabel": "Not available.",
"dateAvailableLabel": "It's available.",
"selectedLabel": "Selected.",
"chooseLabel": "Choose"
"datatable": {
"emptyState": "No rows match the filter criteria defined. Please remove one or more filters to view more data."
"buttongroup": {
"ariaLabel": "button group"
"fileuploader": {
"dropFilesToUpload": "Drop files here to upload",
"or": "or",
"browseFiles": "Browse files",
"retry": "Retry Upload",
"cancel": "Cancel"
"menu": {
"noResultsMsg": "No results"
"modal": {
"close": "Close"
"drawer": {
"close": "Close"
"pagination": {
"prev": "Prev",
"next": "Next",
"preposition": "of"
"select": {
"noResultsMsg": "No results found",
"placeholder": "Select...",
"create": "Create"
"toast": {
"close": "Close"

If you'd like to contribute a locale, please send a Pull Request based on the en_US locale.