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Emoji ratings are to be used to collect a user’s experience in the form of an emotional ranking. Like star ratings, there five options.

Star ratings are to be used to collect feedback from a user’s experience with a product. The stars indicate a performance rating from one to five.


This component uses the [role="radiogroup"] attribute with the following attributes for each individual rating item:

  • [role="radio"]
  • [tabindex=0]
  • [aria-setsize=5] - total number of elements within the Rating
  • [aria-checked] - if the rating is active
  • [aria-posinset] - position within the Rating


Rating with stars

Rating with emoticons


Rating props

The total number of items to display.
Callback that's called with the newly selected value.
Lets you customize all aspects of the component.
The current rating value.

Rating exports

You can import this module like so:

import {StarRating} from 'baseui/rating'

It exports the following components or utility functions: